& Material Sciences


Carbon based materials are shaping the future of how
cars are made, designed and powered!

Many of Ukeycheyma's products will utilize Carbon-based materials; because of this and after many roads and junctions, Ukeycheyma decided to enter into Carbon Science & Technology. This venture does not take away from developing great electric vehicles- it makes those electric vehicles even better!
By developing and manufacturing Carbon Fiber and Carbon Nanotube materials, Ukeycheyma will be better positioned not only in creating better Vehicles but also by giving a Greater Customer Experience.
Ukeycheyma is also seeking out partnerships with Companies who are developing or who already manufacture Carbon Fiber and Carbon Nano Tube Materials.


Eco-Conscious Research & Developed Materials

In this category Ukeycheyma can take plastic trash that has been contaminated by all sorts of oils and recycle it. How? By taking it, even with the oils still in or on the container and turn it into Carbon Nanotube, and then take those nano tubes to make an array of products that can also be recycled.

Ukeycheyma can take even more plastics to make things like carpeting and interior trim for your next new car. Or even that cool new ice chest you been wanting to buy for a trip to the beach or mountains or to grandmas. There many other vehicle components we can make with recycled plastics.

Ukeycheyma can take water bottles, plastic straws- yes straws and turn them into cool 3D knitted, regular knitted and woven fabrics for car and home upholstery, mattress covers and even cool high-tech knits for things like that new T-Shirt and Gym Shorts you been wanting!

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