Ukeycheyma Is Developing A New Generation Of Electric Vehicles!



A New Kind Of Giddy-Up

A Keep It Stupid Simple Discovery and 10+ years of R&D led to a whole New Kind Of Kiddy-Up. This New Kiddy-Up allows for extremely long road trips. With our dedication to KISS, you can focus more on going from Grandma’s in Topeka to Mustang Island & Beach in Texas. We call this Kiddy-Up QRES² ™!

Electric Vehicle Technology

Currently, Electric Cars take anywhere from 30 minutes to 12 hours to charge, and then depending on the electric car, it may only have a range of 80 - 400 miles+/-; this isn't an issue for the QRES²™ solid-state energy system. Ukeycheyma developed QRES²™ to allow electric vehicles to have long-range ability.

Ukeycheyma's QRES²™ solid-state energy system is an advanced power plant that draws influence from technology created- well over 100 years ago and evolved for the 21st Century. It also eases the mental pondering of wanting to know if there are charging stations along your journey or having to look for one!

Ukeycheyma's advanced Carbon-based power module cells work symbiotically with our QRES²™ Solid-state energy system and can be charged many times more than lithium-ion cells. The Carbon-based power module cell can even take energy created from break regeneration over and over, and other batteries cannot do this!

Electric Motors are a vital element to Electric Vehicles just as much as energy cells are. Ukeycheyma is investing in developing a multi-polyphase electric motor(s) called Nikode™. The Ukeycheyma Nikode™ Motor(s) will be, utilized in several applications from A to Z. Nikode™ is designed to work efficiently with the QRES² ™ system.

Ukeycheyma is in the process of developing its own A.I. Driver Assistance System.

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