Can Electic Cars Be Fun?


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Our Vehicle System


Current Electric Cars take anywhere from 30 minutes to 12 hours to charge up and then depending on the car it may only be able to travel 80 miles to 240 miles. Ukeycheyma was born in the desert south plains of Texas; thus we understand needing to be able to make long trips and long round trips. Our Car can go the distance with almost no worries!

Ukeycheyma's advanced power plant system draws a great deal of influence from technology created over 100 years ago and evolved for the 21st Century; it also stops the mental pondering of wanting to know if there are charging stations along your journey or having to look for one!

Advanced Carbon based energy cells that can be recharged many times more than lithium-ion cells. The Carbon based power cell can even take energy created from break regeneration over and over when other batteries fail after a period of time or just can't do it. 

Designed By Ukeycheyma!

Designed By Ukeycheyma

Designed By Ukeycheyma.