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We didn’t invent the electric car, we’re making it better! By asking why not? Ukeycheyma is discovering solutions that most haven’t even begin to think about, or may have even given up on the ideas that lead to incredible new possibilities!



At Ukeycheyma we believe that today's cars should meet people's needs both today and going into the future. Innovations in technology, energy development, urban expansion, and changing lifestyles have fundamentally created a dynamic shift in our relationship with the vehicles we own and how we drive them. 

By focusing on Automotive and Technology solutions that fulfill those needs our team of Designers and Engineers are uniquely charged to take a real user approach to vehicle designing to insure the ultimate goal of creating an unforgettable automotive experience!

We are working towards launching fully Electric Vehicles that offer seamless and intuitive connection to our ever-changing world. Going beyond traditional vehicles Ukeycheyma is developing in wide aspects in Automotive and Technology Industries; from Autonomous driving to interactive user vehicle content, drive by-wire to advanced vehicle power plant systems.

U+Key+Chee+Mah = Ukeycheyma

Hey it’s okay to laugh; we know our name is hard to say and it kind of makes you cross eyed and it sounds like

Asian or Russian. Believe it or not it is based on a couple of languages and means Grabbing Your Attention!